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Solar Water Purifier
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Solar Water Purifier
  • The size of the equipment host is small, 24CM in length * 15.5CM in width * 32CM in height. Light weight, the host only weighs 4.6 kilograms and can be placed in any suitable place;
  • The water flow rate is large and it can produce more than 80L of water per hour (municipal tap water). Just half an hour of water production can meet the daily drinking and kitchen water needs of a family of more than one person.
  • It adopts ultra-low pressure ultrafiltration membrane with a filtration accuracy of 0.1 micron, which can intercept more than 99.99% of bacteria, and the effluent turbidity is less than 0.5NTU; the external pressure U-shaped structure has strong dirt-holding capacity and can be backwashed to extend the service life; the membrane and All membrane materials are made of food-grade materials.
  • The system is equipped with a solar panel that can charge the system’s built-in battery through solar energy. The system does not require mains electricity at all to operate, and the cost of use is greatly reduced.
  • The system is equipped with a set of USB charging ports and an LED light socket, which can charge LED lights, mosquito killers, and mobile phone batteries.
  • The produced water tank can be placed at any suitable location and the system can be turned on to produce water, making it convenient for daily use.
  • The system is equipped with LED lights to provide lighting at night.
  • Power display: Users can know the battery power voltage at any time.
  • The rear activated carbon filter element can improve the taste of water.

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